What Is A Power Of Attorney?


A power of attorney (POA) is a document that gives an individual or organization the legal authority to represent someone in matters duly mentioned in the power of attorney document. 

“A POA is an authorization document. Through this document, a person (called Principal) authorizes another person (called Attorney) to carry out certain tasks. By using the power of Attorney, the Attorney acts as a representative of the Principal for the powers granted in the document.”

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How Does Dubai POA Works?


A power of attorney is notarized or attested by a third party, the Notary Public in Dubai, who reviews the document before attestation. As per legal terminology, any property or business owner who wants to make another person their Power Of Attorney in Dubai is referred to as a principal while the individual being delegated the Power of Attorney is called an agent or ‘attorney-in-fact’. As far as UAE's systematic structure is concerned, a principal can choose his own power of attorney lawfully operative in the country.

How Our Services Can Help You In Getting POA In Dubai ?

Due to a qualified and experienced panel, STF Chamber has managed to cover all the grounds of adapting the legal system of UAE including Conveyancing, Relocation Advisory, Business Setup In Dubai and provide you the services for drafting, translating and notarizing your Power of Attorney. Our experts are proficiently capable to get your Power of attorney notarized from the authorities; also, we have a complete improvisation on the types of power of attorneys in UAE.

​​Power Of Attorney Scenarios

  • You can allow your wife or husband, children or can hire any professional for maintaining your legal affairs
  • You can authorize your employees
  • You can authorize your family members or friends
  • You can authorize a second person for buying, selling, and register vehicles
  • You can also authorize anyone the performance of tasks at a specified time.

Power Of Attorney In UAE

The Power of Attorney should be drafted in order to align with the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Thus it is vital that the POA in Dubai not only meets your specific needs but is also legally enforceable according to UAE laws and regulations.
Dubai Courts allow anyone over 21 years of age who has a sound mind to serve as your Attorney. Any professional, accountant, or lawyer can be such a person according to the Power Of Attorney.
Dubai POAs are valid until they are revoked by the Principal if there is no time limit. Power of Attorney in Dubai, however, is limited in its validity in certain categories. In Dubai, the Dubai Land Department restricts the power of attorney duration to 2 years for property transactions. Moreover, a power of Attorney can always be presented for a limited period of time by specifying that within the document. In addition, the Power Of Attorney Dubai becomes invalid upon death.

Types of Power of Attorney

Other Common Types of POA In Dubai

Individual POA

There are further categories in the individual power of attorney
·  General Power Of Attorney
·  Property Power Of Attorney
·  Property Dispute Power Of Attorney
·  Vehicle Power Of Attorney
·  Marriage Power Of Attorney by Guardian
·  Court Case Power Of Attorney
·  Police Clearance Power Of Attorney
·  Residency and Foreigners Affairs Power Of Attorney
·  Inheritance Power Of Attorney
·  Power Of Attorney for Child Travel

Company POA

·  Company Power Of Attorney
·  General Manager Power Of Attorney
·  Local Partner Power Of Attorney
·  Company Formation Power Of Attorney
·  Share Sale Power Of Attorney
·  Share Purchase Power Of Attorney
·  Business/Assets Sale Power Of Attorney
·  Business/Assets Purchase Power Of Attorney
·  Litigation Power Of Attorney
·  Trademarks Power Of Attorney